Do you know what a SLUP is?

    What is a SLUP

  • A SLUP cannot be defined in just a sentence.
  • A Slup is another way to eat fruit.
  • It is a natural fruit puree in an individual format.
  • It is a very balanced food.
  • It is equivalent to a piece of fruit, one of the two daily pieces that are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • It is breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack; it is a part of a meal and dinner.
  • It’s what you want it to be.
  • It is a gift, for you and your body.
  • It’s a way to feel good.
  • It’s a gift for the people you want to feel good.
  • It is a little sign of affection, friendship, and closeness.
  • It makes something healthy attractive, it is “your healthy craving”.

    What it isn’t

  • A SLUP cannot be compared to just anything.
  • It is NOT a candy, but it is sweet.
  • It is NOT an industrial pastry, but it is processed.
  • It is NOT a dairy dessert, but it is packaged.
  • It is NOT an energy bar, but it provides vitality.
  • It is NOT a bag of snacks, but it can be taken where and when you want.
  • It is NOT ice cream, but it can be eaten very very cold.
  • It is NOT gelatine, but it does have colours.
  • It is NOT a preserved fruit, but it is vacuum preserved.
  • It does NOT have colorants, thickeners, or flavouring.
  • It is NOT a test of a new product, but it is an innovative product.
  • It is NOT the usual piece of fruit, but it is a ration of fruit.

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