Due to the hectic rhythm of our lives, we can sometimes feel like we lack energy. This can make us feel more tired throughout the day and like we’re just waiting for the time when we can rest. When this happens grab a SLUP. SLUP is made of 100% fruit and preserves all of their natural properties.

It contains sugars naturally occurring in fruit as well as vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, which help give you back your lost energy. There are six flavours to enjoy. All without conservatives or colouring. Choose your favourite flavour.

Healthy habits should be accompanied by daily physical activity. Therefore, maintaining an adequate supply of nutrients, before and after exercise, is essential for achieving optimal performance. Get moving!

During childhood our nutritional and energy needs are greater due to the significant growth of our organism. We can meet these needs by having a healthy, varied and balanced diet. SLUP provides the nutrients necessary for the growth of the youngest among us.

At older ages, SLUP, due to its smooth texture, is an excellent product for people who suffer from difficulties when chewing their food.

Its pleasant flavour, format and easy use make it suitable for all ages.

The W.H.O recommends that we eat between 5 and 7 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day. Slup, wants to help the whole family achieve this. And in this way it can help your organism to get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fibre and water that it needs.

As it does not contain added sugars, it is recommended for diabetics.

In addition, the fibre content of SLUP can be effective for good intestinal transit.

It contains neither gluten nor lactose, so it is suitable for sufferers of celiac disease and people who are lactose intolerant.

Slup, your healthy indulgence!


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